For a purchase or sale of residential property, we currently charge a competitive fee for our conveyancing services of $950.00 plus GST.

Please note that some conveyancers or lawyers will quote a fee, however then add additional fees for:

  • Dealing with your bank regarding the discharge of mortgage or registration of a new mortgage
  • Interviewing you for purposes of Verification of Identity (VOI)
  • Administration and/or file storage
  • Dealing with an encumbrance
  • Attending to payment of Commonwealth GST

In our experience, the above costs can add up to $400.00 to a quoted fee so be careful!

Our fee includes dealings with the agent selling the property, your mortgage broker or financial institution (bank) regarding the discharge of a mortgage or registration of a new mortgage, compliance with the Registrar-General’s Verification of Identity (VOI) policy, as well as your appointment with a lawyer.  Of course, disbursements such as PEXA fees, search fees and bank charges are additional charges. As of August 2020, electronic conveyancing became compulsory in South Australia and your transaction will be settled electronically through PEXA. This means instant clearance of funds which is certainly beneficial should you be selling! PEXA charge a fee to use their electronic platform which is charged to you as a disbursement.

We also handle other aspects of conveyancing including business conveyancing, sub-divisions, easements and community title, and transactions such as transfers between spouses, and relationship breakdowns, Applications to Note Death and so on.  Please feel free to request a quote on these, as some transactions can cost considerably less than our flat fee quoted above.

When obtaining any quote from solicitors or conveyancers, you should always ask whether the quoted fee is indeed “all inclusive”.