General Litigation

Being sued or suing others is very stressful and confronting.  Often people panic in these situations.  What's important is to seek professional help quickly so that your matter can be set on track and dealt with efficiently.

We can advise and assist you with all aspects of the litigation process, including:

  • meeting deadlines set by Court Rules
  • preparation of Court documents
  • proofing witnesses and obtaining expert evidence
  • attendances at Court hearing

General litigation can also include discrimination claims, defamation disputes, building disputes and the like, and we can assist you with most areas of law.

Time limits apply, so contact us now to arrange a consultation with one of our experienced litigation lawyers.


Debt Collection

It’s a common mistake.  Even the most experienced among us make it.  Someone owes you money.  Whether it’s for services provided or maybe a loan, there’s no reason to put up with not being paid what you are owed a moment longer.

At Mead Robson Steele our goal is to recover the money owed to you as fast as possible, and in the most cost-effective manner.  We will chase your debtors for repayment so you can focus on other important things. If necessary, we will prepare and file the documents required to commence your claim for debt in court.  Our debt collection lawyers have experience enforcing debts in both the Magistrates Courts and District Court.

We are also able to petition for the debtor’s bankruptcy or to wind up a company in the Federal Courts.  Experience shows the longer you wait to recover your debt the less likely it is you will be paid.  There’s no reason to wait.  Contact us now to arrange a consultation with one of our experienced debt collection lawyers.


Victims Of Crime Compensation

No one ever expects it will happen to them.  Anyone it’s happened to knows it’s a terrible situation.  As a victim of crime, you need support and the right advice to minimise the impact on your life.

Right from lodging your claim all the way through to negotiating the amount of compensation, we can assist you with the entire process.  We will gather the medical and financial evidence needed to maximise your claim.  Our experienced victims of crime lawyers know how to prepare your claim for victims of crime compensation so that it complies with the law.

Time limits to apply to claims for victims of crime compensation in South Australia.  Don’t leave it too late to make your claim.